Welcome 2021

what a year! Of course, we all look back on 2020 with more than one positive eye. But I hope that you, like me, were able to turn many unplanned changes into positive ones. Risks are new opportunities, as the saying goes, and nothing ventured, nothing gained. So let's look forward together and look forward to an exciting 2021.

I wish you, your family and your friends a wonderful New Year season. But the most important thing: health! Stay healthy and don't lose the fun and joy of art.

Let's look back at 2020 together! Also for me as a painter and muralist...

Abstract times are a precursor to abstract art. I myself am known for accuracy and fine line work. Artists are often expected to do the same thing. But that's not what art is about, you also want to break out and reinvent yourself. But the scene is constantly evolving, and so am I. I want to go ahead and try something completely new, whilst also still working on my current art, nothing more appropriate than for a brand new year, which we've all been waiting for. You can still stay true to yourself in areas and colours, but I'm personally a person who would otherwise quickly get bored. I hope you like my new work. A sneak peak at one of my current ventures is down below. 

As we start this new year, I'm also starting a whole new project, a heart's desire, so to speak. I want to travel through Europe with a bus. Since I also spend a lot of time painting walls (as a muralist) and I like to embellish large-scale cityscapes, the combination of traveling and painting is perfect for me. I would like to use the community here to draw attention to this project, because maybe you know someone who would like to cooperate with me in this matter and provide a bus. If you have an idea, I am an email away. I really highly appreciate your help on this! Let´s get me on the road together!

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