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I'm super excited to finally officially tell you about my latest collection. Earth Elements brings out for me the expression of expressive freedom and its observation with nature. A collection where each of the paintings was inspired by a healing stone, with its characteristic meanings of joie de vivre, vitality, imagination and connection. I'll tell you more about it in a little interview:

Wandal goes abstract. How is it - venturing into abstract art after years of being an artist?
As you know, liveliness in pictures, combined with my love for detail is extremely important to me. Thus, the craft has always been in the foreground for me since my art studies. For years, my works have been influenced by realism. For me, the combination of realism and abstract has always been interesting. The urge to break the realism became stronger and stronger. 

Why is the time right now?
Many of my role models, including some of the most famous painters of all time, began their journey with realism. The focus here is clearly on the art itself, which can only be learned through diligence and hard work, talent alone is not enough. I think it is essential to engage with the medium of painting and explore different techniques. The color theory of the structure of the human body, etc. are an important part before you can reduce your work to the essentials. It is always something very personal, but for me it would not be possible to create an abstract painting to be taken seriously without first mastering the craft. So I believe that this path is also the right one for me to be a consistent and successful artist in the long term. Through the last very abstract months has also changed with me.
So now I'm even more happy to officially introduce you to my latest collection Earth Elements.

What inspired you to create the Earth Elements collection?
For this collection, I find myself connecting in a different way with our planet and its minerals. I found time to delve deeper into special healing stones and was able to let them inspire me to create my first completely abstract collection. The first impulse for "Earth Elements" came from Bali. A friend made a ring for me from a turquoise stone he found himself. 

Has the collection been released yet, what is your launch plan? 
My first piece Labradorite is actually already sold. Hiddenite and Turquoise are now also available in my store and more works are in the pipeline for the Earth Elements collection. So the Earth Elements collection is on the starting line and hopefully looking forward to some lovers :)

Will we find from you, from now on mainly abstract works?
For me, art is a constant process of discovering new things, developing new things and staying true to yourself. We and the world around us are in an enormous change. So abstract times have led me to abstract art, but don't worry, my preference for detail remains, I will definitely continue to work in the figurative, fine and photographic, yet I am convinced that over the years I want to move more and more to the abstract or at least the figurative continue to reduce more and more. It is simply a constant process, but perhaps in a slightly different form. I am curious myself, what comes and where the journey goes!

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