Welcome to my new online home and Art Store

welcome to my new space on the world wide web, my new online home and art store.
I have been working with my team on this website and shop integration for the last few months and have spent many hours thinking about what would give you as art lovers the best experience.
I think that nowadays it is more important than ever to be independent from external events like global pandemics and to pave a way for you as enthusiastic companions to purchase my art and follow my path.

I love exhibiting, travelling or painting huge walls and mural boards with a big crane, but I think 2020 has taught us unpleasantly that it can all be over quickly.

Rather, I have been thinking about what is best for me as a painter and for my future? How can online and offline be married and will the world really go back to the way we know it at some point?

A lot goes along with these thoughts, including my love and enthusiasm for environmentalism. That's why I package all my works in recycled plastic and materials that I in turn have been sent. So please don't be surprised if one of my works comes wrapped in plastic - I recycle here too. By the way, you will hear much more about this topic from me in 2021. It's big on my bucket list and something I won't stop improving as a person and consumer but also as an artist.

Last but not least, it gives me a piece of mind to know that no matter what happens, I have this space on the World Wide Web to myself. Here I can share new art, ideas, developments on my part and developments in the art scene with you at any time.

Now I hope you like my site and feel it is a step in the right direction, just like I do.

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